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The Inspiration



Meaning Making

Seeing Through Multiple Eyes

Alternative Dissertations

Daring to Explore

What if?

(by Nick Sousanis)


Nick Sousanis doctoral dissertation, Unflattening, written entirely in comics format has inspired my work; and I am using it as a springboard to my dissertation on Multimodal Meaning Making.


I would like to begin by reviewing Sousanis’ work, and then use his reference list to direct my literature review and to begin looking at Multimodality. 


Sousanis dissertation in comics form has received very enthusiastic reviews and has generated a lot of interest from a wide audience.  His work is being used in many classrooms around the world and was recently published by Harvard University Press.


For a brief introduction to his work, you can watch the video below, where Sousanis discusses his book:

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