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Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Too Long; Didn't Read...

Been there, done that...

I was just reading an article about the history of the term OK ; and in reading this article, I ran into another abbreviation: TL;DR, which until now I was not familiar with. I got curious and had to look it up.

TL;DR has been around since 2013 and I am surprised I had not seen it before. Many news publications even have a TL;DR section where they offer the short, condensed version of the news for those short on time or no desire to read. There are TL;DR newsletters, blogs and even a News channel.

I’m am not sure it this will be a passing trend, but it seems that our society is increasingly moving away from the long text format and opting for the shortest possible way of getting just the needed information.

The implications for teachers and education is immense. If we are paying attention to the trend and we want to connect with our students and we stop to ask what is the best way to engage with them, then we better pay attention to TL;DR.

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